Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday coding

With the exams over, I finally have a bit of time to put into Thousand Parsec, at least until January :) After a conversation with mithro, I've decided to set the following goals:
  • The wxwidgets client now has a single-player mode built in, which can be ported into the 3d client.
  • The client uses version 3 of the thousand parsec protocol (tp03), whereas the current servers already support a new version (tp04). Upgrading the protocol used will allow us to deprecate the old one.
  • tp04 comes with some new features, such as media server support. This means that various media such as 3d models, music, icons and such related to a specific game can be downloaded from a server, instead of being packaged with the base client.
I'd love to add "write a build process for Windows, Linux and Mac binaries" to the list, but it's proved to be a huge timesink in the past and I'd like to concentrate on getting the functionality right first.