Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Post!

I'm starting this blog to write about my hobbies, specifically software development. The other blog is more for complaints about my life, so I decided to split the two.

Firstly, this is partly, or maybe wholly, motivated by my attempt to enter the Google Summer of Code, where I'm going to be applying for a student position in Thousand Parsec, a game-framework for making 4x space strategy games. Having a blog would be useful for making weekly updates about my progress, you see.

One curious thing about Thousand Parsec is that I've not even heard about it before, and judging from the responses of other student applicants, it looks like I'm not alone. I've been depending on blogs like TIGSource to keep myself abreast of the indie scene, but perhaps the fact that it is not an actual game makes it fall into obscurity. Or maybe... I'm not spending enough time on the Internet?

Well, it's on the Big and Famous Google's page now, and hopefully my duty will be to promote it even more by creating a new client that looks good and is easy to use, similar to Galactic Civilizations super high-tech looking interface or Master of Orions's classic feel that still keeps me coming back due to it's charming artwork.

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