Monday, May 5, 2008

TPServer update

There was an update of tpserver to 0.5, which is a big update and includes the Reach For the Stars ruleset. RFTS offers a more substantial ruleset for thousand parsec and is based on the actual game. Sadly, I missed out on playing this game before, but no more! I wonder if there will be a MOO or Spaceward Ho! ruleset too. :)

I was trying to compile the server on my system, when I started to get errors all over the place. Then I went back to try compiling 0.4.1 and failed too, so I knew I had probably had some issues with my system configuration.

Later while chatting with the devs, I found that the cause was due to me running gcc 4.3 while the devs were using 4.2.3. With the handy porting guide, I compiled the server successfully but found that all I needed to do was to add some #include statements. If only all my problems would be this easy.

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Anonymous said...

Send me a list of the files that need changing so I can fix it for everyone.

Lee (llnz)