Monday, May 5, 2008


Over the weekend, I found a nice CEGUI skin for the client. When I first downloaded it, it was strangely missing a lot of property tags needed to work correctly, such as text colours and one of the frame borders not showing up. Not sure if I managed to get the same look as the original, but at least I learned a little about the Falagard skinning system in the process. I'm guessing there are still missing property tags since I haven't tried all the widgets.

I thought I would try some simple layouts to see how the main gui might look, then I ran into some problems with the star system labels.

Looks like the GUI blocks out the star objects correctly but not the text overlays. I'll have to look into how OGRE's overlays work. Once the rendering order is sorted out, I'll start to look into how I can retrieve information(messages, system information, etc) using the tpclient library.

edit: Looks like I just had to change one parameter from False to True when creating the CEGUI renderer.

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