Sunday, July 20, 2008

Interface comparison

This post is mostly a screenshot comparison of the two different interfaces of the original wxWidgets client (tpclient-pywx) and the OGRE client (tpclient-pyogre). Okay, maybe they are not so different... but it would be interesting to see the layouts in different environments anyway.

First off, we have the bread and butter of any 4x strategy game... the map. The pywx client shows each system and which objects are in that system, indicated by the circle surrounding it.

The pyogre client has two views: an "iconised" view when the player is zoomed out, and a 3d view when viewing objects close up.

The pywx client keeps new order parameters and the order queue within the same area:

In the pyogre client, new orders are chosen from a radial menu, which produces the new order window.
There is also a separate order queue window for manipulating the orders of the selected object (not yet, sorry :()

The pywx system viewer shows the tree of all objects in the game.

The pyogre system viewer needs some work, once the client fully makes the move to CEGUI 0.6 I'll be able to include the new tree widget in.

Information window, showing some attributes of the currently selected object. I've always thought it looked a bit like debugging output. :)

The information window for pyogre shows similar details.

The message window for pywx, which supports html and can open your browser if a message contains hyperlinks.

The message window for pyogre. It looks a bit 'chunky', maybe I should have an option to toggle the message list panel?

The design window. I have been working on this feature, but it is not complete yet as I can't seem to create new designs in MTSec, even with the pywx client.

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