Monday, May 26, 2008

A status report

Yesterday marked the official start for coding. Following my schedule, these are my features for this week:

- Starmap will represent objects with different models
* Stars, fleets and planets can be distinguished from one another

This is where the coding I've done beforehand comes in handy. Stars, fleets and planets can be distinguished already, using some extremely primitive models.

If you squint, you can still see the blueprint lines on those ships :). Those are my three fleets orbiting around the home star system. It is a bit close to the other star for my liking, but I'm not sure what to do about that. I guess I will add some colour tinting to distinguish friendly assets from the enemies (which is everyone else).

- Client will show a message window
* Able to scroll, flip through messages and delete them.
* A Goto button will center the map on the object related to the message.

So far, I have implemented some of the windows already, based on how the existing tpwx client works. Since the messages window can flip through messages using "Next" and "Prev", I will be adding a goto button and delete button as well. I guess I'll have to resize those existing ones.

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