Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Taking a little break

Right now, I'm on a rather impromptu vacation in Sydney. I'll be back on Sunday.

Thinking I could make commits on the go, I copied my ssh keys over to the laptop which I lugged all the way here. Unfortunately, it seems that the tp server rejects any commits not from the original machine? I'm not too familiar with ssh I'm afraid.

Currently, I'm trying to send orders to move the fleets around, but how to do that is still not obvious to me. I've read the tp03 protocol and skimmed through the tpwx client code already, but the real problem is that the weather is really great for sightseeing, even at night (which starts at 5+ p.m.). Internet access around here is a little hard to come by as well. What I wouldn't give for some of Singapore's island-wide wifi right now :)

On the GSOC front, it seems that Google has now sent out the mystery book via Fedex to all the students. I haven't read any blog posts since then for fear of spoiling myself.

On one hand, I can't wait to get back to Singapore and code, on the other, it really is rather nice here...

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