Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sending orders via a menu

My focus this week is on sending orders with the tp client, so that I can actually play with it.

After some discussion with mithro and greywhind, we felt that having a radial menu would be a good fit for the client. I have only implemented a few orders, as shown below.

Pressing spacebar brings up the orders menu (if there are any) for the currently selected object.

Clicking an order shows the parameters for that order. If there are multiple parameters a scrollbar will appear. For orders that take in a list of arguments, I'm unsure how to get the list of available options.

Build fleet window with empty options box. :(
Once I am able to get the list of options, there shouldn't be any problem in sending the build fleet order. Moving a fleet is already ok, as shown here:

List of bugs in the program
  • Some of the stars in RFTS (Enif and Sabik) appear too close together.
  • Selection box not visible at a distance
  • Selection box does not follow the ship after an update
  • Order queue not update immediately after sending an order (must wait for update)
  • Network thread crashes while updating if the client is accessing some cache stuff simultaneously

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