Friday, April 18, 2008

Quickie git-daemon

Git-daemon is a mini-server for git repositories. It is small and cute, and suitable for sharing repositories within a local network or small groups.

Steps to getting it running
  1. Clone your existing git repository with "git clone --bare current_repo new_repo"
  2. Create an empty file called "git-daemon-export-ok" within the new repository
  3. "git-daemon --base-path=parent_of_new_repo"
In step 3, base-path should not end in a slash.

Now, you will be running git-daemon on port 9418 on your computer. It's address is git://server-location/new_repo

To get commit access, this method requires ssh and is very easy.


Anonymous said...

I suggest that you update your post to keep in sync with the original post (from where you just shamelessly copied).

Eugene Tan said...

Thanks anon, could you link to the original post I copied from so I can update? It's been a while.

nikunj said...

Thank you Dev.
The post is really helped me a lot to set up public repository.

Javacoder said...

Thanks! It has helped me.