Sunday, April 6, 2008

Slow Sunday

I put up a simple client based on the old pyogre client in Thousand Parsec here. It's a source code dump, because I couldn't get the py2exe version to work. To get it to work on Windows, three requirements are python, python-ogre and numarray. After that, rename "tpclient-pyogre" to
"" and double-click on it.

The fact that py2exe couldn't work in this case is slightly troubling, especially it simply doesn't run and shows no error whatsoever. But at least it's worked for me before with other python-ogre stuff, so I know the problem is in this project itself.

The client can connect to a server (specified by the user or from the metaserver) and display the map of stars, and not much else. :)

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mithro said...

Hi, it's Mithro from Thousand Parsec.

I would highly recommend using a revision control system. Thousand Parsec uses git which allows offline operation. There are a lot of tutorials about using git on the web. If you get accepted into Google Summer of Code you will be required to use git so it is good to get started! If you are having any problems with git, jump on IRC and we can help you out.

I can help you with the py2exe problems if you come and chat with me sometime. I've gone through lots and pain and suffering to get it working with tpclient-pywx.

Tim 'Mithro' Ansell